Setting SMART goals for sucess

When you start writing up your goals really think about where you want to go and what you are going to need to do to get there. Here are some tips that I use to set my own goals and make sure that I keep focused.

Do you really want it?

Don’t just set goals for the sake of it. Be passionate about what you want to achieve in your life. Your goals are the stepping stones to bringing your vision to life, they should be in line with the end result that you desire. Without a true desire and commitment you will never reach your true potential.

Identify your Values

What do you want to accomplish?

Why do you want it?

Your values will often lead you in the path that you wish to be traveling. It is important that our values are in line with our goals.

Set long and short term goals

Long terms goals are leading you towards making your vision a reality. Long term goals can be anywhere from 3 months to a year or even longer.

Short term goals should tie in with your long term ones, they should go hand in hand.  If exercise is your goal, start with one or two workouts a week and build from there. Start small, there is no prize to doing everything at once.

I set my long term goals for three months and then have shorter weekly goals that tie in with my long term ones. I believe in constantly evolving and growing and I want my goals to reflect that.

Write it down

Write down your goals and have them where you can constantly see them. Think of it as a contract to yourself to be committed to following through on what you have promised yourself.

SMART goals

Specific: Don’t just make a general goal. Make it personal to you. A specific goal has more chance of being achieved than a goal that is vague and lacks true meaning to you.

Measurable: Have a plan on how you are going to measure your goal. Will it be a date? A measurement? Having something to aim for can spur you on.

Achievable: Make it something that you can achieve. Don’t set yourself an unrealistic plan that will lead to failure. On the flip side, don’t make it too easy or you may quit from lack of enthusiasm on reaching your target.

Realistic: It must be something that you are willing to do and that you are also able to achieve.

Timely: Your goal needs to have a time frame. You need to have something that is pushing you towards the finish line.

Keep your goals positive and plan them around what you want to achieve. Whenever you are making any decision during your day ask yourself “Will this will bring me closer to my goals?”