What to do when you don’t know where to start

I remember the exact moment when I knew I couldn’t keep going the way I had been. I had spent the last few years stuffing my feelings with food and then dealing with the aftermath of my binges with unwanted kilos and the feelings of remorse, guilt and embarrassment at how my body looked.

 “What you eat in private you wear in public”

I don’t know who said that quote but it was constantly playing in my mind. I was wearing my feelings in public without even realising it, my binges were on show for the world to see and the extra weight was making me want to eat more (scary cycle hey)

It was when I was going through some old photos and came across one from my son’s first Christmas. I was at my heaviest and I remember when I was handing out the pictures to family that I cut off half my butt so it wouldn’t look as bad. It is amazing when you get that ahh moment, that moment of clarity where you know exactly what you must do and for me that was to eat better and get into shape for myself and my family.



The hardest part about starting is knowing where to start.

I had to go back to basics. A fault of mine is often making things more complicated than they need to be, I overthink things until all of a sudden I have created something in my mind that seems impossible to achieve. So I made a conscious effort to keep things simple, to not sweat the small stuff.

I began to plan my meals around healthy foods, got rid of all the junk food in the house, started walking and adding exercise to my daily routine and in 8 months I had lost 31 kilos. I made simple swaps and didn’t overload myself with crazy workouts at the start. I started at my level (the very beginning) and worked my way up. For anyone starting a fitness program this is the best way to start because you give yourself a starting point, a place to improve from and with improvement comes satisfaction and the drive to achieve more.

I can’t stress enough how important your diet is in regards to weight loss. The food you eat is the fuel that your body uses to function. Food isn’t just about weight loss though, it is about keeping a sharp mind, strong bones and healthy muscles.

I know it is hard to know where to begin, I have been there not once but 3 times. It is important to know how to plan your meals, choose exercises that you enjoy and understanding how to fuel your body with the best food choices possible.

I am about to start my 30 Day Fit and Healthy Jumpstart program and if you are ready to take that step towards a healthier you then I would love for you to join us.

We kick off on Monday May 2nd 2016. I hope to see you there

Big Hugs

Em xxx