Learning how to nourish your soul

How can you nurture your spiritual health? Last week we talked about why you need to address your spiritual health and today I am going to share with you how you can do just that. When you are looking at creating a spiritual balance in your life it can be hard to know where to start. I am going to let you in on a little secret… it all starts with you.

Discovering Spiritual Wellness


Help Your Spirit

Maintaining spiritual wellness is a conscious act that with practice, you will become more aware of. Connecting to the core, to that essential life force that is ingrained in you is the key in answering and maintaining your spiritual health.

Spiritual health in not just about religion, though it is part of it. The reality is that spiritual health comes before religion, since this is what connects us to our faith and our beliefs.

Spirituality is actually the deep connection that you possess within. It is this connection that guides you towards your passion and purpose in life. It is when you uncover and truly listen to your soul that you are able to see the real you. I mentioned last week about your core beliefs, these are what makes you who you are as a person, when you begin to form that relationship between mind and soul you will discover a deeper connection to those beliefs than what you thought was possible.  This all comes down to knowing who you are. 

Be Still and Listen

When you tune in to your inner voice and you really identify the factors that make you whole, you are feeding your spirit and helping it to grow. In meditation practices like yoga and breathing exercises, you are channeling your mind and body and letting the spirit grow and take precedence. This can be hard at first, I know that when I first started to meditate my mind would wonder off all the time. To help me stay focused I began to learn about my core values and who I was and what I wanted to create in my life so that when my mind would start to think about mopping the kitchen floors or whether I needed milk or not, I would just acknowledge those thoughts and bring my mind back to the present and refocus on my core beliefs. 

It is important that we should feed and nourish the spiritual side of our lives. By taking simple walks, meditation, prayer and learning to release the daily stresses in your life then you are giving food to your spirit and allowing it to grow.  

Remember that you should never neglect your spiritual health. There are many people who are really aware of this side of life. Then there are others who hold onto bitterness, anger, and negative emotions because they don’t nourish their soul and just let it deteriorate. I believe that when we hold onto the negative you are creating a negative environment in your life. Now I don’t know about you but I would like to stay away from that.

Be thankful for everything you have in your life. You may not have the newest car or the biggest house but by being thankful for what you do have you are opening yourself up to greater experiences. Plus, being thankful makes you happy and I love being happy.


How to nourish your soul

Stay connected to what really defines you, find ways to enrich your spiritual side.

Remember that there is no force on earth that can make you move if you do not want to move, so learn to be aware of what you need and what will work for you.

For many religion and the connection to the divine is the food that they need. For some it is the connection to nature and helping others that nourishes their soul.

So take time out of your day now to connect with your soul and nourish it, I promise you that you will feel the benefits.

Share with me your thoughts in the comments below, I can’t wait to hear them.

 Big Hugs, Em xxx

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