Be the best version of you

12 weeks ago, I began my fitness journey…again. I shared a few weeks ago how I had let the daily routine of work and life blur into one and I basically let myself fade into the distance. I remember the day I could no longer face things the way they were going. My husband and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary and we were on a lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour. It was beautiful, it was romantic & I felt fat. That day I had to hold my jeans together with a hair elastic and I could feel my back rolls rubbing together (sorry if it was too much information).


I felt like a failure, a fraud, a woman who was helping others through their body issues but ignoring my own. That evening I made the decision to change, I knew what to do, I had been at this point before but this time it was different. There isn’t the possibility of any more children, our family is complete. This is it. This is final. I will never be this big again.

So, I took my photos and measurements and set up my workout plan. I follow the amazing Holly Rigsby  and on Monday 10th October, 2016 I started my fitness journey with Holly’s Trouble Spot Solutions Program.

The first few weeks were hard, I was unfit and it showed. I had to remind myself that it was progress not perfection. I don’t have to be perfect in fact I am far from it but with each and every workout I am getting stronger, fitter and faster. I could barely do 10 jump squats without wanting to stop, now I can do 40. I use my progress to challenge myself to be better than I was last week, push myself a little more and beat my personal best week after week.

It helps that I am a naturally competitive person and my goal is to be the best version of myself that I can be. I am never going to look like a super model. I have hips that I often wish were smaller and I have legs that I am embarrassed of at times but it is in those times that I focus on my better assets and remember progress.

So today 12 weeks down I have lost over 10kgs, but it is not the weight on the scale that is important to me. Yes, it is wonderful to see that number decrease but it is the changes in my shape and the definition that I am starting to notice that is the biggest difference for me.

Today I want you to focus on your progress.

What are you doing that is better than last week?

How are your challenging yourself to create new goals for yourself?